Our Brands

At KedaiKueKue, our vision is very much expressed in our logo.

The four vibrant colours display the racial harmony that we cater our quality products to everyone. The various shapes display the continually creativity to offer attractive shapes of our premium products.

The ribbon builds bond among friends through fun and party moods. The ribbon also symbolises our passion to grow as a brand.

At the very core of our business philosophy, we are committed to serve you our very best and focus on surpassing the demands of our regular customers.

To be the best Cake Chain Experience at anywhere we are. Being the best means providing Excellent SERVICE, QUALITY and CLEANLINESS [SQC] so that we make every customer in every outlet SMILE.

Our Mission declares our purpose as a company

  • To make each outlet a healthy PROFIT
  • To be a HAPPY place to work at
  • To be a PLEASANT cake shop to visit

KedaiKueKue was born in 30th November 2003. In short period, the Founder Shaun Chen and Anne Kho Tan Tan have directed the brand to grow from one outlet to become five outlets. We intend to open more outlets selectively.

In short period, KedaiKueKue has been supplying from one hotel to more than 15 fine establishments islandwide. These include 5/6 star hotels, renowned banks, VIP Lounges, luxurious train and more…

Today, and in the future, we strive to keep growing, to serve excellent product and service to our valued customers and most importantly, to be a Happy & Fun place for our staff to build their promising career.

The owner would like to invite all team members to build our promising brand as long as customers like us.